​GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software
GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. GC-SOS is a Windows app for the simulation and optimization of capillary gas chromatography separations.  It features a rich set of powerful functions in a package designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For GC method development and teaching retention principles. Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Rate, Animation, Automatic Optimization Algorithm, flexible. GC Simulation, retention simulation
​GC-SOS® is an innovative application for the simulation and optimization of Gas Chromatography separations, for method development and teaching of chromatography principles. GC-SOS is the 'Magic-Dust' tool for developing effective GC methods! ​​
​Why use GC simulation software?
  • GC method ​development is a time consuming and challenging task.  Even veteran chromatographers find it difficult to manually optimize a method. In fact, it's quite difficult to accurately 'guess' how the complex interactions of temperature and pressure impact a separation.
  • Manual trial-and-error approaches can take a long time, and often produce sub-optimal separations. The use of simulation and numerical optimization is the most effective way to achieve significantly faster method development,  improved separation performance and lower analysis costs.
​Why use GC-SOS?
  • GC-SOS is the most advanced, powerful, and easy to use GC simulation program available.  First released in 1996, GC-SOS has been used globally by leading companies, universities, and government agencies, and garnered 'Best-Seller' status from a previous distributor.   The program was completely upgraded and re-launched in 2017 exclusively via www.GC-SOS.com. Our newest version continues a tradition of innovation, with proprietary features including   numerical optimization ,   flexible input improved accuracy ​and animation .  
  • A method can be optimized in less than an hour using GC-SOS.  Simply enter run conditions and retention data from your training run(s), then simulate the effect of new conditions. Instantly evaluate the effect of different temperature &/or pressure programs, or different column sizes.  Use the Auto-Optimization function to quickly determine an optimal method with improved peak resolution and lower run times. 
  • Our 100% satisfaction guarantee insures there is no faster, easier, or more effective way to develop the most efficient GC methods.

​Download a Free Demo today to see for yourself how easy it is to develop improved methods using GC-SOS.
(GC-SOS® software runs on PC's with Microsoft Windows®  7 or later)

GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. capillary gas chromatography separations.  GC method development and teaching
​​ Simple, intuitive design

Accurate simulations executed via a single click. A high resolution plot shows simulations as they would look on a real instrument. Instant analysis determines separation efficiency.

A remarkably effective way to optimize separations and demonstrate chromatography principles.

​Example Application

This separation was optimized in just a few minutes, providing improved resolution and 50% reduction in run-time!
chromatogram plot graph

​​Initial separation:
Time = 36 minutes
​Rez(min) = 4.7

​​Optimized separation:
Time = 18 minutes
​Rez(min) = 5.0

improved resolution in 1/2 the time!

Feedback from GC-SOS users:

" .. well designed and easy to use... an essential tool for method development."

" I like being able to make simulations based on my existing separation."

​" The Automatic-Optimization function is amazing!"

​" .. more effective than traditional trial-and-error approaches."

" Our optimized separations are now significantly more efficient- saving both time and money."

​" We use GC-SOS in our Gas Chromatography training classes."