​GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software
GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. GC-SOS is a Windows app for the simulation and optimization of capillary gas chromatography separations.  It features a rich set of powerful functions in a package designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For GC method development and teaching retention principles. Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Rate, Animation, Automatic Optimization Algorithm, flexible. GC Simulation, retention simulation

GC-SOS Animation Viewer

​​Imagine being able to watch your analytes migrate from the injector, through the column, and into the detector during a separation. The GC-SOS Animation Viewer provides this unique capability.

Animation Viewer.
Analytes move at different rates during a separation, and this effects the chromatographic separation. Until now, it was not clear how this process happens during a run. With the unique GC-SOS Animation Viewer it is now possible to track analyte migration, and run conditions during a simulated run.  

How does it work?
  • A symbolic instrument is used to accurately display analyte positions as they migrate from injector, through the column, and into the detector during a simulation across the dimensions of time and position.  
  • The simulation is tracked on a graph display, with instantaneous time, temperature and pressure displayed.
  • The effect of band broadening is illustrated as the peak migrates down the column. 

This is an excellent way for visualizing how ‘chromatography works', and serves as a powerful teaching tool. Are you an instructor of gas-chromatography? Download a free demo version of GC-SOS to use in your gas-chromatography classses! 

​​ Feedback from GC-SOS users:

".. well designed and easy to use... an essential tool for method development."

" I like being able to make simulations based on my existing separation."

​"The Automatic-Optimization function is amazing!"

​".. more effective than traditional trial-and-error approaches."

" Our optimized separations are now significantly more efficient- saving both time and money."

​"We use GC-SOS in our Gas Chromatography training classes.""