​GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software
GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. GC-SOS is a Windows app for the simulation and optimization of capillary gas chromatography separations.  It features a rich set of powerful functions in a package designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For GC method development and teaching retention principles. Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Rate, Animation, Automatic Optimization Algorithm, flexible. GC Simulation, retention simulation

GC-SOS Auto-Optimization Algorithm

​​ The GC-SOS Auto-Optimization feature is a powerful, unique, and proprietary numerical algorithm that can automatically determine an optimal set of temperature and pressure conditions for your separation in seconds.

How does it work?
  • Simply enter the desired minimum resolution, maximum temperature rate, and pressure option.
  • The proprietary algorithm numerically determines the best set of conditions to provide the specified separation in the shortest amount of time. We're confident there is no other method, automated or otherwise, that can more effectively optimize a separation (doubtful? see our Optimization Challenge below..).
  • Generally speaking, the highly effecient algorithm is guided by the retention behaviour of your analytes in 4-dimensional space (Temp, time, pressure, resolution) and numerically determines the optimal set of isothermal and ramp segments to deliver the best separation possible. We are not able to disclose the exact details of how the algorithm works at this time, since we are actively seeking legal protection filings. 

What is an ideal separation?
  • An ideal separation is one that delivers the minimum desired resolution between all peaks, in the minimum time. A theoretical example is shown below of an ideal separation. Note there is little wasted time, which means faster run-times and lower operating costs.

Using our algorithm, you will find:
  • Most separations can be significantly improved, both in terms of resolution and time- for improved performance and lower analyses costs.
  • Most separations can be satisfactorily optimized using shorter columns than they currently use- a significant cost savings.
  • A fast heating oven is advantageous, and pressure programming is helpful, but less impactful than temperature programming.
  • The use of simulation and numerical optimization for method development is far more effective than manual approaches.

The GC-SOS Optimization Challenge!
We believe our Automatic-Optimization algorithm is able to predict the most efficient separations possible! If you are able to optimize one of our demo separations better than our Automatic-Optimization algorithm, we'll give you a free GC-SOS software license (value = $399 USD). The success criteria is simple- provide a minimum resolution in the shortest time. Contact us for more details or to submit a challenge result.

​​ Feedback from GC-SOS users:

".. well designed and easy to use... an essential tool for method development."

" I like being able to make simulations based on my existing separation."

​"The Automatic-Optimization function is amazing!"

​".. more effective than traditional trial-and-error approaches."

" Our optimized separations are now significantly more efficient- saving both time and money."

​"We use GC-SOS in our Gas Chromatography training classes.""