​GC-SOS    Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software
GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. GC-SOS is a Windows app for the simulation and optimization of capillary gas chromatography separations.  It features a rich set of powerful functions in a package designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For GC method development and teaching retention principles. Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Rate, Animation, Automatic Optimization Algorithm, flexible. GC Simulation, retention simulation
Our development focus:
now shipping version 6.0!
Latest version includes a rich set of unique and powerful features- making it easier to develop more efficient methods than ever before.
GC-SOS:  built by chromatographers, for chromatographers.

   • Innovative, proprietary, useful features

   • Best-in-class numerical performance
   • Intuitive design and ease of use

Our goal is to dramatically simplify method develoment, and enable far more efficient methods.  We want to improve the way GC method develoment is done around the world!

  1. Temperature & Pressure
    Highly accurate simulations are quickly made in seconds. Up to 99 segments of temperature, 99 segments of pressure programming allowed.
  2. Auto-Optimization
    Unique and powerful Auto-Optimization algorithm quickly provides an optimal separation.
  3. Flow Calculations
    Flow parameters for 3 most common carrier gases- He, H2, and N2. Manually enter pressure program, or simulate constant velocity or flow during a run. Estimate hold-up times.
  4. Animation Viewer
    Novel Animation Viewer provides visualization of a separation as it occurs during a run.
  5. Column Size Effects
    Evaluate effects of different column sizes including length, internal diameter, &/or phase thickness.
  6. Flexible Input
    Simply use 1-3 training runs, depending upon the level of accuracy needed. GC-SOS can use isobaric training runs featuring up to 5 temperature segments.

​​Statistical evaluation of GC-SOS retention time prediction accuracy... ​​

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​download GC-SOS User's Manual: GC-SOS6 MANUAL.pdf

​​ Feedback from GC-SOS users:

".. well designed and easy to use... an essential tool for method development."

" I like being able to make simulations based on my existing separation."

​"The Automatic-Optimization function is amazing!"

​".. more effective than traditional trial-and-error approaches."

" Our optimized separations are now significantly more efficient- saving both time and money."

​"We use GC-SOS in our Gas Chromatography training classes."