​GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software
GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization Software. GC-SOS is a Windows app for the simulation and optimization of capillary gas chromatography separations.  It features a rich set of powerful functions in a package designed to be intuitive and easy to use. For GC method development and teaching retention principles. Temperature, Pressure, Flow, Rate, Animation, Automatic Optimization Algorithm, flexible. GC Simulation, retention simulation

Order Received

Thank-You for purchasing GC-SOS Gas Chromatography Simulation & Optimization software version 6.0!

You will recieve an email shortly which contains your Receipt, License number and installation instructions, along with a copy of our satisfaction guarantee and software license agreement. Your email address and License Number are required to activate GC-SOS. This information can be entered during installation, or later via the program Help menu. A detailed step-by-step instruction guide is provided in the Help document to assist with getting started. Additionally, we are available to provide assistance via email at: [email protected]
Mark G. Cipollone
The 4S Company
System Requirements
              - PC running Microsoft Windows 7 or later.
              - Hard disk with approximately 60 MB free space.
Software Installation instructions
GC-SOS uses a standard Windows installation procedure:

1. Download the install file ‘GC-SOS6.zip’ to a temporary or Downloads folder.
2. Un-zip to create the 3 installation files: '​setup.exe', 'GC-SOSv6.cab', and '​SETUP.LST'.
3. Run ​setup.exe by double-clicking.
4. Follow the setup instructions on the install program.
5. The install will add corresponding GC-SOS items within the Start menu to launch GC-SOS.
6. A user's manual (installed in the program directory) or online-help provide instructions for first-time users.
7. To un-install, use Windows Add/Remove Programs function.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We offer a 30-day 100% satisfaction guarantee on all purchases. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know within 30 days for a full refund.

​​ Feedback from GC-SOS users:

".. well designed and easy to use... an essential tool for method development."

" I like being able to make simulations based on my existing separation."

​"The Automatic-Optimization function is amazing!"

​".. more effective than traditional trial-and-error approaches."

" Our optimized separations are now significantly more efficient- saving both time and money."

​"We use GC-SOS in our Gas Chromatography training classes.""